Kids Cooking Classes

Kids Cooking Classes

Kids Cooking Classes for ages 8 – 12 are ……








Come and enjoy the experience of being in a cooking school in the privacy of your home or any venue you choose. Learn how to make that special dish that you can only get at your favorite restaurant. Our highly experienced chefs will further enhance your understanding of any cuisine you desire. They will dazzle you with great presentations that you will be able to take to your next party and impress your guests with. You will get a hands on demonstration so you will understand better. Our personalized approach to understanding food and presentations is what makes us successful in your endeavor to become a better cook and a better host. You have the opportunity to learn how to properly cut vegetables, meat and fish to creating the most delicious sauces and soups you have only dreamed of doing.

Bring the excitement of cooking back into your kitchen and save some money while your at it.

All Individual classes $50 per person

All Cooking Series Classes will be $225 per person

(the series will consist of 5 classes)


Individual Cooking Classes

We will take a personal approach with you. Learn how to cook quick meals and how to be a better host for your parties. Learn how to pair wine with your favorite dishes.

Corporate Cooking Classes for 20 or more

Here is the perfect incentive package for your company. Invite at least 20 of your staff and friends and have an exclusive cooking class. Learn how to make simple gourmet meals that do not take a lot of time.

Holiday Cooking

You will learn to cook many traditional recipes for the holidays and learn a wide variety of contemporary recipes for entertainment with hors d’oeuvres and appetizers and your favorite traditional dishes.

Cooking Class Series

The cooking class series is designed for beginners and connoisseurs alike. The cooking series classes will allow you to expand your knowledge of food and be able to create these dishes for your friends and loved ones. The cooking series will integrate cooking basics with traditional and contemporary cuisines as well as gourmet dishes that will tantalize the taste buds.

Cooking Classes for Kids – “Only Kids”

Your kids will learn how to make all the fun foods they enjoy so much. This is their opportunity to learn how to cook for themselves. This will definitely make the parents happy. Learn how to make muffins, pizza, pancakes and much much more.

Basic Skill. Learning the Fundamentals

These classes will be apart of our cooking series classes for those who are serious about becoming more that a cook. These classes will include:

Tool orientation

Learn how to use the right kind of knives for your preparations and buy the right knife that fits your needs.

Soups and Sauces

Lean the five Mother sauces. These are the base sauces for every sauce there is.

Salads and Dressings

Meat, Chicken and Seafood preparations

Learn how chicken is processed. What is the difference between All Natural and Organic? Learn how to make stuffed and breaded chicken dishes. Learn the cuts of beef that produce the Filet mignon, N.Y. Strip and Ribeye Steak.

Learn how meat is processed and why certain types of meat used for certain menus. Learn how to make veal parmesan, Steak Diane and Boulinaise:

Ethnic foods

Learn how to cook the most popular ethnic dishes around the world such as Mexico, France, and the Oriente:

Wine Matching

Learn about wines and how to match the types of wines with the food you cook.

Light deserts and pasties

Cooking Class 1